Gallery: Water crystal images

The following crystals are pure "natural products": their appearance has not changed.


If necessary, adjustments were made in the exposure and the intensification of the colors (the hues were not changed) to underline the beauty of the crystals even better.


"Sound of dolphins"

Photo of a man

Photo of 2 children

Signature of a woman

Photo of a woman

Spoken words "You are my big love" (german)

Photo of a woman

Photo of 2 lions

Written words "Love and gratitude" (german)

Written word "Islam"

Photo of a children

Photo of a baby

Photo of a baby

Photo of an elephant

Written words "Jesus Christ" (german)


Room 1 "Harmonic and loving beings" (german)

Room 2 "Harmonic and loving beings" (german)

"Fill the room with harmony" (german)

"Fill the room with calm" (german)

Drinking water-Crystal



Success for company X

Mineral water 1

Mineral water 2