My method

I work with a unique method of water crystal photography.


Only thus the water crystals can be photographed how they really are:




Water is constantly subject to negative influences. Disturbing factors must be removed from the water so that the water can be photographed as original as possible. Otherwise, the results will be falsified.

Here you will learn more.


Special devices allow targeted information transfer.
Advantage: Your information (your photo, your text or your voice) is transmitted by means of optical fiber precisely in the water.

Transfer time:

I transfer the information into the water within a short time.
Advantage: Other influences on the water are almost eliminated.


An exact geometry of the frozen water leads to a special force field and thus to extraordinary results.

Freezing time:

The duration of freezing was accurately determined for optimal results.

I have many years experience with informed water and have been using water as a remedy for more than 15 years.

As a Master of Radionic Arts I have the training and the knowledge to inform water in a specific way.