Water is a highly sensitive liquid.


External influences have an immediate effect on the water and change it. Distilled water is also affected.


Toxins, radiation, thoughts, feelings or even words of humans, water will change his structure immediately.

Often only a few seconds or parts of it are enough to change the structure of the water.


What do you think happens with water that is transported and/ or stored for days, weeks or even months?


I'm sure you already know the answer.

What does that mean?

The traditional photography of water crystals has  a limited significance because water has already changed through transport and storage (even distilled water changes its structure!). An aluminum foil offers some protection, but not a complete one!


For this reason, I see the traditional water crystal photography critically.

Is there a solution?

There is a possibility to restore the original structure of the water.


Water is exposed to different "energies and information" in the transport and storage process. These can be neutralized specifically by using Hi-TEC devices. These allow a precise transfer of information to the water to restore the original state by neutralizing disturbing energies and information.


I work with special equipment and have trained the handling in a three-year training.