Water Crystals: Create your own Water Crystal

Welcome in the mysterious world of
water crystals.


Are you ready for a new experience:


What message does the water have for YOU?



Which sort of crystal are YOU?


What crystal will emerge as the water sees you?





Do you drink living water?


Crystals can answer your questions.





Are you after a unique piece of art for your home?


Should the energies in the room amplify with your message?





Are you an entrepreneur seeking to elevate your business visibility to potential customers?



I take pictures of what the water wants to tell you and create a unique picture for you.

I show the water crystals genuine and show them how they really are.


For this I developed a unique method.

I turn the

invisible into visible FOR YOU!

You will experience the magic!

water crystal experiment Masaru Emoto structure water emotion love photo photography crystals

All crystals are unique (gallery).

This is what makes water so mysterious and fascinating.

A water crystal is the destination of your journey

Harmonious, living water forms beautiful crystals in hexagonal form, whereas water that is somewhat less vivacious (low-energy) does not feature hexagonal crystals.


Structured water

Structured water

Non structured water

Non structured water