Change your room energy with a water crystal

You can change the energy of your room yourself.




Show me your room and your message.


Water will respond with a custom made crystal and changes your room.




The water "sees" your rooms.



You have a personal message for your rooms.


It creates customised artwork in perfect resonance with the room energy. The water creates a crystal exclusively for your rooms with your message.

 The same message produces different crystals in different rooms.




Because the water sees each room in a different way, and each room presents its own features. This creates a crystal in optimal resonance with the room energy.




Only a crystal, that was created for a specific room, will produce optimal room energy.


This is similar to a remedy: only the right remedy will produce an effect.


Can a room crystal also influence the room it is in?


This water has "seen" a room but does not show a harmonic crystal.



A room crystal was created for the same room.


The message: "Fill this room with harmony".




The image (2 ) of the room crystal was placed in the room.


Then, the room was photographed again and "presented" to the water.


Now, it shows a harmonious crystal.

I cannot however say to what extent the room crystal "changed" the room with its message. 


But I can prove that the water suddenly sees the room with different eyes.


Which crystal would you like to have for your rooms?


Decide for yourself: I only need one picture of your room and your message as "ingredients". 


The water then forms a crystal with the power to change your room.

Then the perfect crystal for your room will be created!


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How do you get your crystal?

You receive one crystal in duplicate in digital format (jpeg format):

  1. A crystal with your message (your message will appear in the image)
  2. A crystal without your message

Each picture has a resolution of 19.8 megapixels.


The crystal dimensions and colors cannot be influenced because each crystal presents itself in a different way.